Monday, February 17, 2014

Moving On

I am actually not sure anybody is reading this as I haven't blogged for more than a year. But if you're still out there then you may want to stick around. A little less than a month ago I parted with the company who I had been with for almost eleven years. We remain (and I very much hope will remain) friends and I wish them all the luck. I will sure write a larger post about what made me decide and how I feel about the change and what I think about it too. I will just give it a little more time. I am still breathing it all in.

On that one, I also made a technological change. It's a much smaller change, of course, as I fully agree with Scott Hanselman in his recent post - Technology is changing so fast it's hard to be a "professional" at anything. Ultimately, we're all amateurs. Out from Java and Linux and some Ruby and Python and into .NET. From Adobe CQ to Sitecore. It's still all for the Web so the transition has been really smooth and very much enjoyable. Learning and mastering new tech is fun and probably the ultimate hobby of mine. And I still work on my Mac with the Windows inside the VM so what's not to like!

As I am actively diving in into the new tech and the new environment and the new everything I also want to write more. I already started actually. If you have even remote interest in Sitecore or just want to follow me in my ventures you are more than welcome to read No commitment but my backlog of things to write about is pretty full for the next month or two. Stay tuned! Oh, and drop me a line if you are reading this :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today I have shipped my first ever open source library. It's so small and tiny that I am not sure it qualifies to be called a library, it doesn't even have a built script yet but it's definitely open and it's definitely shipped. It's out there on my github page. Meet SAXDVR. In my defense, it has a documentation page and it has unit tests. And it has a purpose.

The question at StackOverflow made me sit down and play with SAX filters. Couple hours into it and I had it working so I thought why not make one more step and put it out there. It felt great! Don't get me wrong, it will hardly be used by anybody other than as an illustration to my answer, but it did feel like a big deal to me. Ship!, doesn't matter small or large, and you will likely feel the same.