Wednesday, June 18, 2008


In April 2007 I blogged on the way to colorize source code postings.

...I was thinking how great it would be to have a CSS-based solution so you can put your source code into HTML element, define a few style attributes, and let it automagically colorize everything. wow...

I explored an idea (rather as a fun experiment) of building a DHTML behavior that talks to a server application, passes the code fragment, and replaces the page content with a formatted HTML fragment upon response from the code formatter application.

Today I ran into a Google Syntaxhighlighter that seems to do exactly what I dreamed of and as I can see is available since almost exactly back then, just one month later. It explores a different and a much more "down to earth" idea of parsing the code with regexps. Nice isn't it?

Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm Back

back online posting after more than a year of silence. Not that I blogged much before but I guess I may do a little more this time. A lot happened since my last public appearance: we moved to the U.S.; had two very nice vacations (one winter-time in New Hampshire skiing for the first time in my life and one spring-time in California where my family joined me on my business trip to eBay); finally decided and put on dental braces; watched my 5 years old learning how to ride a bicycle - he did it so well I now barely can keep up running when he rides; helped one big offshore team to release quite sizable and a pretty crazy project to production and by doing so wrote more code than I did in two years before that; got pretty tired mentally of helping that team sustaining that crazy project in production so started learning how to paint and amazingly for myself did pretty good at it; decided to finally pass the PMI PMP and now look forward to do so as soon as I'm done refreshing my memory around PMBOK; received my first ever tax return; and got lucky with my 4th submission to DV lottery.... last but not the least - we're now expecting our 2d baby. wow...