Monday, October 13, 2008

Software craftsperson

It's well understood that the more cross-domains knowledge you have the better off you are as a specialist in a particular area. It's very true in software business.

I've always appreciated that I had a chance to start my IT career in a small software company where over a course of 3 years I learned and practiced all different kinds of programming languages and technologies. Never since did I touch as many different things (over the same period of time) delivering production software.

All extra time I had put in learning new things, extra effort I had spent jumping from one technology to another is now well paying off. It's an invaluable asset and actually a must requirement for R&D, technical presales, and projects' rescue missions (SWAT). The three things I enjoy doing the most.

Apparently, a few years ago Scott Ambler wrote about it in his Generalizing Specialists: Improving Your IT Career Skills. I somehow missed this one. It would not have changed anything for me as by then I anyway knew this is how it should be. It's just I haven't had a reference, I was unable to support my understanding of the way to develop IT capacity in a fast growing large software company with words of somebody who's well known and respected in the community, a thought leader. Now I have it and I thought I might share it with whoever follows my posts...


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Alexander said...

Hi Pavel :)
You are in better position than SWAT when rescuing some projects.
People never can see faces of those guys from SWAT units, they are always wearing masks.
But project teams and customers can see who you are :)