Sunday, December 21, 2008

Similarities in Logos

There's one particular style (idea, flavor, expression) that I repeatedly see in IT companies' logo images. I like the way it looks though I think one was first and the others followed. It's hard to say if, in fact, there was a first one. It's definitely not a copyright violation to do things alike, not if you cross that percentile (is it 70%?) threshold that perfectly keeps a potential copy on a safe side. And then, the copy is very often not intentional. Think about music for a minute. There are, of course, borrowed melodies that were in fact knowingly borrowed (no one would admit but we know), but there's also loads of similar, sounding alike patterns, that one would recognize as matching one another with little chance to had been knowingly reused.

Here are the logo images that made up this post:


Do you see what I see?

I believe I have seen more of this "kind". If you come across a logo image that employs the same pattern, please leave a note and I will add it to my collection.


* added to my collecction by Alex


Anonymous said...

After I saw your 3 logos I immediately thought of this one:
Not 100% match but you can add to the collection or not :)

From those 3 I think Connotate is the most perfect one, no matter if it was the first, since they used "o" letter from the name as a part of the ring. Very nice.

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Anonymous said...

Today I found another company ))

Anonymous said...

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