Sunday, January 03, 2010


It's this time of the year again when people commit to their New Year resolutions and some teach others how to stick to it. Is there something great in Mondays to put starting a new life off to it? You tell me, but the idea of an extra opportunity to change is thrilling. If nothing else - start of a new year is.

Reflections on the last year and the last decade are all over the place. How could one resist a so prominent feeling of a better, unknown, everything-is-possible, I-could-be-the-one, I-will-change tomorrow? It's oozing from everywhere, it fills you up and boom!! the next thing you know you dream about change.

I. want. things. changed.

Is that right?

I. want. to. change. things.


I. am. changing. things. starting. tomorrow now.

Great. Wish me luck.


Jury said...

Good luck, Pavel!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Pavel :)