Monday, March 29, 2010

Slow it down on contact

- I don't have time! my world moves fast!
- I got to act! we got to do at least something!

heard it? seen it? believed it? did it? lived it?

Smart individuals often confuse sense of urgency with anxiety. Sense of urgency is not about an itchy feeling to do something, not about doing something because somebody has got to do something, not about demanding that others do something, not about holding others responsible for not doing something. It is about recognizing the issue, making sense of it, knowing it needs to be fixed, understanding if it needs to be fixed ASAP, learning how to fix it, figuring out action plan, involving the stakeholders, getting on the same page, and then, only then, it's about doing something meaningful about it. Something meaningful may sometimes be no thing at all.

If your world moves much faster than those of others around you you'll inevitably end up striking them as it spins, especially so if you don't slow it down on contact.

Hit the brakes, slow it down, allow a gentle touch and a little longer engagement with the worlds of others and open a whole new world of zero damage accomplishments. And then spin it fast, as fast as you can so you can do more and ship more and deliver more and earn more and enjoy more. You rule your world. Don't think you rule those of others.

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