Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Metaprogramming in Ruby

Just yesterday I started the what I learned today series and I'm already thinking it should have been a weekly digest. Not that I didn't learn anything new (I, in fact, did learn a few things that I will share in a second), I just figured it would be too much noise to publish a digest daily. So weekly it is.

Today I instead want to talk about metaprogramming in Ruby. I actually not so much want to talk about it as I want to put a summary for my future self. Like a collection of links that finally made me get it. The links are in no particular order:

I am sure there are more decent blog posts out there on what metaprogramming in Ruby is about and how to do it right and when it is right to do it so please add it to my collection.

UPDATE. As I was wrapping up this one I came across two more very interesting and very relevant posts:

  • awesome writeup on include and included. It goes into showing off bizarre examples of massive metaprogramming in ActiveRecord as well as some conscious evolution of rails in doing it more right than it was doing it before
  • A response to the post I just mentioned that brings up an interesting point of namespace pollution. While I am ok protecting the global namespace in JavaScript with the "closure everywhere" (function(...){})(); pattern, I am not sure I see the point in giving up syntax convenience and protecting my class namespace in the same way.

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