Friday, September 24, 2010

Face of the web

Yesterday I was servicing my car at a dealership nearby. It's a place with a nice and roomy waiting area that has a few large wall mounted plasma TV, coffee, free Wi-Fi, and even a few desktops for those who forgot their laptops home or don't carry them around whenever they go.

I got my coffee and on my way back to my laptop I looked at what was up on a screen of the two guest monitors. Nobody was there doing anything as most people either have their internet with them or don't bother and just watch big screen TV.

What do you think was up on two screens?

It was not a Windows desktop. Not a browser with a dealership web page.

It was Facebook login page. A new face of the web, I believe. A thing that a regular person would most likely do online if they're stuck waiting for their car serviced.

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