Friday, September 24, 2010

Ubuntu in VPC talks TCP/IP with the host

As of now Ubuntu not only runs as a guest OS in Windows Virtual PC but also has a TCP/IP with the host.

Keyword: loopback adapter. Apparently you can install a piece of "hardware" (that is, of course, a software) that would look like an ethernet device with an active connection on it. Once installed, the host OS will give it an IP that you can look up in ipconfig. Use this new "hardware" as a network adapter for your VPC, boot Ubuntu, assign its network device the IP address from the same network mask and use the host's IP as a gateway, reboot Ubuntu.

I got help from here, here, here, and here.


The only thing I noticed so far is that Ubuntu-in-a-VPC-window is slow. It may be the GUI rendering (so far I am playing with the desktop version), it may be the host laptop (oops), it may be the VPC environment itself. We'll see. There's always an option to only run terminal, try VirtualBox, or try another host machine :)

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