Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today in the morning I made potato pancakes for breakfast. My family loves it and I usually make more than we together can eat so we have some leftovers as snack.

I must have made a little more than usual today and there was something left when in the afternoon we went out to finish our holiday shopping. Great, we packed it to-go so that kids have something to eat on the way.

My little daughter took one out of the bag and... fall asleep halfway through it. It actually was her time to take a nap anyway. She slept for good forty minutes as we drove around making our scheduled stops. All this time she kept the pancake safe in her hand.

We got back home and she woke up the very minute I turned off the engine. Looked at me. Smiled. Looked down to her hand. Saw the pancake. And she just resumed eating it as if nothing happened.

I couldn't help it and smiled with a very clear thought - continuation. A great example of one in our real life :)


Just about fifteen minutes before, at our last stop, I was catching up on my RSS subscriptions watching Alice asleep while another half of my family was finishing the grocery gshopping list. It's what I was reading that fifteen minutes later made me think continuation and not "how cute".

The latest installment from Eric Lippert about async in the upcoming C#5.0. Even if you don't program in C# or work on .NET platform (I do neither) it's absolutely worth it.

Read it and tell me if you still think I should have first noticed how cute that move was :)

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