Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nice weather up here

Online at 30,000 feet is nothing special these days though I still find it amazing. For some $10 you can get a cross country flight long WiFi access. If only the coach cabin had a little more leg room for a full size laptop experience to be a pleasure and not a struggle. Diverting to iPad might be great for reading and movies and emails but if you need to work you're still stuck with a laptop. My usual in-flight setup includes a laptop to catch up on emails and do some work, a Kindle to read a book, an iPhone to listen to music and catch up on pre-cached RSS feeds, and some printouts to read during takeoff and landing (apparently, they let you use WiFi past 3,000 feet but require no electronic device on during take off and landing).

It's a nice weather up here:


Anonymous said...

Which airline is it? This is the only thing i'm really lacking, and setup is mostly the same

Pavel Veller said...

it's actually all major airlines, I believe. They all do it via GoGo - http://www.gogoinflight.com. I have seen it on Delta and US Airways. There was something in the news about Google sponsoring free WiFi on all Delta flights until the end of the year. Today I am flying Alaska Airlines and they too have GoGo WiFi. I think it's now not a even competitive advantage, rather a commodity.